Thompson Marine Ltd

Seaboss Boats have been developed and refined over the last 20 years to meet the needs of New Zealand boat owners, providing a strong and reliable hull to meet the demands of boating on our sea and lakes.

Our Seaboss range starts from a 550 Cuddy Cabin and moves up to a 700 Hard Top, all of which are customised to accommodate the customers' standard of finish.  Our emphasis is to provide a quality custom built product that is  value for money.

We have also provided boats outside our standard range in varying sizes up to 8.2m and in different configurations including targa tops.  We are happy to discuss your individual requirements .

For more information contact Ron on 0800 95 95 90 or email  Otherwise use our website to find  the boat that you consider will best suit your needs and fill out the enquiry form to let us know what your requirements are.

I have been using my Seaboss 670HT for 15 years now and I love it. I have had it in the Motuihe Channel in Auckland when the wind opposes the tide and it gets rough – a dirty chop that stands up over a metre and is like a washing machine.
It can be dangerous, because it is so uneven and larger boats will take the long way around Motuihe Island rather than risk going through the channel. The Seaboss eats it up, and this is important because when it is calm on the lake or the ocean, any boat is fine. But when the conditions change, that is when you want to have confidence in your hull. I have been in some large tinnies that ride hard, they slam into the waves. The Seaboss handles the rough stuff beautifully, riding smoothly. Of course how you run the boat is important, but I never have any doubts about its ability to handle the conditions.
My 670HT is now based at Lake Tarawera and I often fish with six adults with me, and there is plenty of cockpit space - heaps of room – which is important for me. I have been in larger boats that don’t have anywhere near the space for fishing. And we catch fish. That boat has recorded over 800 trout in just five years, so it is a real fishing machine. 

Geoff Thomas